Underwater Structural Surveys

Kew Commercial Diving Services

Our professionally qualified commercial divers can undertake underwater surveys to evaluate marine and aquatic structures, including dock and pier facilities, bridges, breakwaters, jetties and other submerged infrastructure. 

At Kew Diving Services we use the latest technologies and can provide detailed reports that leave no stone unturned. Offering inspection, survey, and report services, we provide comprehensive, detailed information on everything located beneath the waterline.

underwater structural dive services

About our Structural Surveys

For these structural assessment surveys, we use CCTV footage and digital thickness readings to produce video and still photography. We have experience in conducting dive surveys on timber, concrete and steel structures and, once we have captured all the critical information needed, we can advise the best way to maintain and repair them so that continue to be in good operational condition.

The Purpose of a Structural Survey

The main goal of a structural surveys is to ensure that underwater structures are fit for use. The methods we use to do this require non-destructive testing, which can be repeated time and time again to inform us of the infrastructure integrity, deterioration and expected lifetime.

Although conditions do vary, we have different forms of technology depending on the structure in question. We can even carry out sub-surface structural surveys in seawater, freshwater and contaminated liquids.

Dive Inspections

Our commercial divers are experienced and accredited with the knowledge and knowhow to perform a thorough underwater structural survey. Familiar with marine based structures and construction techniques, they use state-of-the-art equipment to work in near zero visibility conditions.

Underwater imaging

In cases where submerged structures are too deep or constrained for an efficient diver survey, we will use other methods such as remotely operated equipment to reach the target safely. Here we can accurately position cameras to capture footage in real time, leaving little to the imagination.

Imaging is a very useful tool when you need detailed images of a river, lake or seabed. For this we can use digital thickness readings to collect critical data and analyse conditions checking for deterioration damage around structures and seawalls and to develop detailed models of the sea or river bottom.

Why Choose Kew Diving Services

At Kew Diving Services we are used to working in difficult and often dangerous conditions where a quick and efficient turnaround is expected. We never compromise on the quality of our service and are environmentally sensitive at all times.

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So if you need to check the integrity of a bridge or a barge; examine the components of a dock or a pier; or investigate how much erosion has occurred in your river or seabed; then contact us for a full underwater structural survey. Find out more by filling out our below form.
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