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At Kew Diving Services, in addition to other skills, we can provide principle underwater engineering, construction and installation. We offer cutting, welding, and repair services, using hydraulic tools including grinders, jackhammers, and ‘Hot’ Oxy Arc cutters, as well as state-of-the-art equipment such as BROCO.

From burning to welding and concrete repair, our divers have the skill and precision to carry out your underwater engineering requirements.

civil engineering diving services

Welding and Cutting

Most marine structures are exposed to some of the harshest elements, making their long term durability challenging. As the vast majority of marine infrastructure is constructed from reinforced concrete and steel piles, they are naturally susceptible to corrosion.  

At Kew Diving Services we can offer underwater engineering solutions that can rectify any damage caused to harbours, lakes, bridges, pontoons, and even hydroelectric dams.

Utilising specialist high temperature burning gear, our skilled divers can make clean and efficient incisions. Using hollow rods that contain pressurised O2, once ignited by an electric current, they can let off an intense heat that is hot enough to burn freely underwater. This enables our divers to cut through materials such as metal and concrete with ease.

Diving to great depths to get the work done

Expected to perform in the most challenging of circumstances, our high trained divers can tackle the trickiest of construction work in the safest possible way.

Often working in zero visibility conditions, our divers are well equipped to burn and weld purely by feel, ensuring that no job is ever out of reach.

The equipment we use depends on the nature of the work and location and can vary from surface-supplied diving equipment to saturation diving suits, for projects that need carrying out in deep water.

So whether it is canal lock maintenance, reservoir modification or bridge and waterway protection, at Kew Diving Services we can support and manage your underwater project. 

Confined spaces and difficult environments

We know that working within confined spaces can be both hazardous and physically demanding. Our experienced divers are fully trained, have the correct equipment and always work in accordance with the approved code of practice, to perform confined space entry work safely and efficiently whilst in the wet. 

At Kew Diving Services our expert divers are able to mobilise at short notice to undertake inspection and remedial works in ship holds, sewers and wells, culverts, and tunnels to name.

Our divers are accredited with CSWIP 3.1 and 3.2 certification, which means that they can carry out surveys from ultrasonic thickness to cathodic protection in locations including bridges, jetties, and piers, where there is little or no visibility.

Why choose Kew Diving Services

At Kew Diving Services our aim is to ensure that we deliver a commercial diving engineering service that saves you time and money in the long run, and has an emphasis on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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