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We are registered with HSE as an Inland/Inshore Diving Contractor and are able to offer a number of subsea demolition services. At Kew Diving Services we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the impact that our demolition works have on the environment. This is why we work hard to survey all areas before we even cause a ripple in the ocean to ensure that all marine life is protected and that any debris is safely taken away.

Removing submerged structures safely

We provide a number of demolition services, from manual debris removal all the way through to the use of underwater explosive charges.

At Kew Diving Services we appreciate that there is more to demolition than simply blowing stuff up! We take a thorough look at the environmental impact that any destruction work can cause and create a detailed impact report and assessment before we even begin an underwater demolition project.

If demolition is the solution, then we use specialised underwater tools and equipment that help to contain and preserve any surrounding areas and structures.

underwater demolition diving services

Types of underwater demolition services

The types of underwater demolition services that we provide include:

We strongly believe that by using specialised underwater demolishing equipment and skilled construction divers is key to safely and efficiently removing submerged structures and defective assets.

Why use Kew Diving Services?

There are numerous reasons to use Kew Diving Services for your underwater demolition project. Our team of specialised commercial divers are trained in using high tech machinery and resources to deliver an impeccable underwater demolition service.

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