Underwater Construction Services

Kew Commercial Construction Diving Services

At Kew Diving Services we aim to provide solutions to any underwater construction project. Whether it is creating new construction or repairing existing infrastructure; from tunnels to inlets and even power stations; we are able to repair underwater concrete, steel, and other structures in difficult conditions.
Underwater construction demands skill, experience, and dexterity – all of which our team of divers at Kew Diving Services possess. When you employ us to carry out a project on your behalf, we will supply you with a certified diver and a building subcontractor in one.

Underwater Construction

Experts in underwater construction

Diving for construction is no easy task. Whether it is extreme temperatures, poor visibility, compromised stability, or strong currents, we have the tools and experience to respond to a wide range of challenges, infrastructure, and construction techniques.

Our team of commercial divers work on structures including:


Building a bridge to cover a large body of water involves some serious planning. We work with our clients in assisting the structural engineers with the creation of support systems and the composition of the submerged foundation.


We are experts at installing and repairing pipeline in underwater environments. Our expert divers will ensure that pipeline networks built for conduction are sufficiently sealed so that they can successfully transfer water from one place to another.

Inlets and power stations

Most facilities, such as power stations, require a water supply network. This involves retrieving and dispensing water to and from various natural sources such as lakes, rivers, groundwater and even the sea. Our team can provide assistance in the construction of each of these components.

Piers, Docks, and Wharfs

Building marine structures such as piers and harbours, require intensive underwater construction in order to ensure that they continue to operate safely and can support traffic. For us, with any underwater construction project, safety is paramount. With our highly trained staff, state of the art equipment, and a strong focus on safety, we can deliver successful outcomes on both small and large-scale construction developments.

Why Choose Kew Diving Services

We offer a full line of underwater construction services, including coastal construction, underwater inspection, concrete restoration, infrastructure repair and pipeline inspection. We have substantial in-depth experience working on technically challenging construction and other marine projects which help minimise downtime whilst maximising budgets.

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