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When a boat stays underwater or is moored in muddy marinas for a prolonged length of time, its underside can collect all kinds of algae, marine life, silt, and rope. At Kew Diving Services we provide a 24 hour call out service to remove any running gear fouling that may be preventing your propellor, thruster or hull from working efficiently.

running gear fouling dive services

Underwater Clearance

In order to keep marine fouling in check, it is important that you keep your propeller, shaft, and rudder clean to improve and maintain your vessel’s operating efficiency. Afterall propeller blades that are smooth and free of irregularities, will provide you with maximum thrust and transfer of energy from the engine to the water through which they turn.

It only takes a few stubborn barnacles sitting on a propeller or rudder blade to cause frictional resistance and impact on fuel consumption, vessel performance, and in extreme cases, engine longevity.

Our divers are used to working in cold, murky, and unforgiving environments, and can ensure that your boat is free from debris without the need for dry docking. Call us today and we can be onsite within a matter of hours.

Resolving Your Running Gear Issues and More

At Kew Diving Services our divers will not just clean your fouled running gear but will examine your boat to check for any defects, inspect its underwater propellers, and check that all other mechanical equipment is working at optimum.

From basic prop clearance to removing a bow thruster grate, freeing debris, and replacing the grill, we have the knowledge and know-how to carry out in-water inspections and repairs.

Why Choose Kew Diving Services

Keeping your ships propeller and shaft from becoming encrusted with hard marine growth is an age-old challenge. And, if you sail in an area where it is pervasive, constantly having to dry dock your ship in order to clean can prove costly.

At Kew Diving Services we are used to working in difficult and often dangerous conditions where a quick and efficient turnaround is expected. We never compromise on our quality of service and are environmentally sensitive at all times.

So if you want to improve your vessel fuel consumption, reduce stress on your engine and ancillary gear and are sick of constantly cleaning your running gear, then why not let Kew Diving Services do the hard job for you?

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