Inlet Cleaning and Blanking

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On board every ship you will find a large number of pressurised valve systems, which require regular maintenance and cleaning to check for any repairs or renewals of plugs and to ensure that any blanking is made.

At Kew Diving Services, besides mandatory surveys, we can produce a diligent checklist of all your ships valves and recommend when plugging and blanking should be carried out to replace any irregularities that may affect or compromise their working system.

inlet cleaning and blanking

In Water Inlet Cleaning and Blanking Services

We can prevent the need to dry dock by locating and clearing your blocked sea chests and inlets on vessels of all sizes, whilst they are in the water.

This involves diving to a location where the valve is situated, and blanking off the holes using wooden bungs, neoprene patches, magnetic seals, or foam seals to create a watertight seal from the outside of the vessel. These can also be used to stop water ingress, should any part of the hull become comprised.

Sea Chest Cleaning

A ships sea chests are situated in the space between the side of the ship and the sea suction valve and are protected by grids. These sea chest grids prevent the passage of large objects such as large fish, nets, and debris from passing through them.

Over time, however, these sea chests start to clog with marine life and elements which cling to the grids. This may sound inconspicuous but means that the ship is unable to take in an adequate amount of water to cool the main engine and other machinery.

Our divers can clean and remove these sea chests, in order to ensure that they are placed back in full working order. By plugging the sea chests we can allow for any internal repairs to take place, such as the changing of faulty valves and test the to verify that everything is operating efficiently once more.

Why choose Kew Diving Services

At Kew Diving Services our divers have expensive experience and a comprehensive knowledge of specialist equipment and situations which allows us to undertake a wide range of marine projects. 

Our aim is to ensure that we deliver a commercial diving service that saves you time and money in the long run, and has an emphasis on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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