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To ensure good management of all watercourses, periodic dredging, desilting and maintenance should be performed to promote a healthy eco-system.
Diver assisted dredging is all about precision and careful excavation and offers a practical, cost-effective, and safe option to inaccessible or small spaces.

At Kew Diving Services we have the ability to undertake small-scale dredging works using mud pumps and airlifting techniques to remove impacted sediments in conditions that require the utmost care. This is particularly useful in areas where bridges, power lines and other critical structures need to be preserved.

Dredging and De-Silting

Sediment and silt naturally build up over time within waterways which reduces access to canals, lakes, rivers, moats and marinas. This accumulation of additional material can be detrimental to the environment and can even cause floods if unable to be managed effectively.

Furthermore, the nutrients in the silt encourage weeds to grow which can starve the water of oxygen and have a major impact on the underwater wildlife. By allowing the build up to become too extreme can also cause blue-green algae to thrive, which can also be hazardous to our own health.

At Kew Diving Services we can offer a comprehensive silt removal, dredging and de-silting service using traditional dig and dump techniques along with airlifting silt pumping operations.

Our Dredging Methods

Maintenance dredging is a necessity for many companies operating efficient waterways to ensure safe navigation depths. At Kew Diving Services our highly qualified divers use dredging methods to remove the impacted sediments and pump them out of the port or channel, redepositing the materials in an appropriate area.

Our diver assisted dredging requires the highest precision and care using cutting edge techniques and technology that removes the excess and built up sediment. Our commercial divers are all trained and accredited and are capable of working in a wide range of conditions.

Our dredging solutions are particularly valuable in situations where heavily degraded infrastructure, utility lines and cables, historical artifacts and mechanical assemblies are in place, and need to be preserved.

Why Choose Kew Diving Services

At Kew Diving Services our team of specialised commercial divers are trained in using high tech machinery and resources to deliver an impeccable sediment dredging service.

Due to the delicate nature of dredging and the impact it can have on our marine ecosystems, our divers can complete each project in a timely, environmentally sound, and cost-effective manner whilst giving you peace of mind about the task at hand.

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