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Kew Sacrificial Anode Diving Services

At Kew Diving Services we manage underwater anode inspections and installations as well as the replacement of sacrificial anodes in all marine applications including ships, marinas, piers and bridges.

Anodes are metal alloys often composed of aluminium, zinc and magnesium which can start to erode and seriously impact the design and performance of a cathodic protection system. Thanks to our experienced divers, we can examine and repair anodes through maintenance and wet welding.

The Importance of Maintaining Anodes

Prevention is always better than cure and as a boat owner, failure to carry out regular maintenance can often prove costly. By inspecting your anodes regularly, we can prevent the need for having to treat or replace them due to corrosion damage.

Corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals are submerged in an electrolytic substance such as water. These different metals start to create a conducting pathway between the two allowing electrons to move from the more active metal (anode) to the less active metal (cathodic). If, however, the electrons fail to reach the active sites on the cathode before the arrival of oxygen, ions at the active sites can then recombine to produce ferrous hydroxide, otherwise known as rust.

All ships are susceptible to rust due to amount of time they spend submerged in water. And, if your boat is moored in a marina then chances are that other vessels surrounding it will only intensify any corrosion problems.

sacrificial anodes replacement inspection

What are Sacrificial Anodes?

Sacrificial anodes can help protect submerged metal structures from the corrosive nature of seawater and are sited wherever metal and sea water come into constant contact such as piers, marinas and quayside walls.

A sacrificial anode can be likened to a giant battery cell that you set up somewhere on your boat’s hull. It uses a metal more active than the base metal (such as aluminium, magnesium or zinc), to attract the ions and provide protection. Without the cathodic protection that this anode offers, other metals on your boat will begin to corrode away.

At Kew Diving Services we can replace any damaged anodes using a Cathodic Protection, which connects the base metal to a sacrificial metal ensuring that the base metal corrodes before your boat does.

Why Replace your Anodes?

Your anodes will be directly affected by the saltiness and temperature of the water. Although keeping your boat in freshwater, if not polluted, ensures less corrosion, some minerals in the water can create a weak electrolyte.

Therefore, it is important that your check your anodes regularly and replace any that are starting to corrode. Failure to forget could mean that the least-noble metal is next in line, and chances are it is likely to be a lot more expensive to repair than an anode.

Why choose Kew Diving Services?

The advantages of using Kew Diving Services for your anode inspection is that we can do this below the waterline saving you money in not having to dry dock.

Underwater anode installation and repair should be undertaken by a professional so that they can test and ensure that the system components are working correctly. All of our divers are accredited and experienced in all visibility conditions and can ensure that your boat is back up and running in no time at all.

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