Propellor Fouling Removal in St Katherines Dock

Kew Diving Services: Propellor Fouling Removal in London

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Challenge and Results

We were contacted by a pleasure craft owner who had fouled their propeller on some submerged rope as they made their approach into St Katherines Dock.

Commercial diving services in St Katherines Dock

Rather than having to dry dock their vessel in order to clear it, our divers managed to mobilise and remove the fouling quickly, so that they could carry on with their return journey.

Keeping your ship’s propeller and shaft from becoming encrusted with hard marine growth, is all in a day’s work for Kew Diving Services.

Kew Diving Services: propellor fouling removal at St katherines dock

We work fast and efficiently to ensure that your boat is free from debris.

To find out more about our Running Gear Fouling Services, please contact us by filling out the below form.

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Ali is a professional and experienced commercial diver operating across London and the South. You can contact him using our website contact form.

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