Leeds Castle Bridge Inspection

Kew Diving Services: Leeds Castle Bridge Inspection

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Challenge and Results

We were contacted to provide some in-water services, to assist with inspections on the moat bridge at Leeds castle.

leeds castle moat bridge inspection

Often referred to as the castle of Queens, due to it being the residence for six medieval Queens, it was up to us to make this bridge safe, secure and fit for royalty.

Having liaised directly with our client who was situated on a support boat, we investigated and inspected all areas of concern and provided immediate feedback on how to remedy them.

Kew diving: in water services at Leeds Castle

Using the latest technology and a specialist underwater camera, we were able to survey the submerged infrastructure.

At Kew Diving Services we use state-of-the-art equipment and can prepare detailed surveillance reports that leave no stone unturned. Offering inspection, survey, and report services, we provide comprehensive, detailed information on everything located beneath the waterline.

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