Hopper Dredger Emergency Call Out

Hopper Dredger Emergency Call Out

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At Kew Diving, we offer a 24 hour call out service, so are always ready for any underwater emergency that comes our way!

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On one recent bank holiday, we received a call to attend and inspect the inside of a hopper dredger that had partially flooded due to an emergency valve failure.

Our highly responsive team were quickly dispersed, and arrived within 12 hours of the call being made.

Diver services for hopper dredger

Upon arrival, a thorough inspection of the damaged valve was conducted and a number of recommendations were given in order to secure a permanent fix moving forwards.

If you need expert advice or fast diving assistance, then you know who to call…Kew Diving Services to discuss your requirements.

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Ali is a professional and experienced commercial diver operating across London and the South. You can contact him using our website contact form.

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