Flooded Gas Pit Call Out

Flooded Gas Pit Call Out

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Challenge and Results

At Kew Diving, we offer underwater engineering repair services for a variety of different scenarios. Take, for example, this recent diving assignment that our expert dive team was called to assist with.

Underwater engineering repair services for a flooded gas pit

Due to flash flooding and torrential rain, an emergency call came in to help with a submerged work pit on the side of a major A road. This large trench had originally been dug for a new gas pipeline installation that would serve several nearby homes. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rainfall, the pit had not only flooded but the supporting blocks underneath the gas line had been dislodged. With critical infrastructure at risk, we knew we had to move fast.

Flooded gas pit call out

Our dive team and trailer were quickly dispersed and were onsite within 4hrs of the call being made. Working closely with multiple different agencies and workers, we aimed to achieve a safe working plan for the diving operation to commence. Used to working underwater in confined spaces, our diver completed a large amount of work quickly. Once the diver exited the water, the pit was pumped dry, and the job was complete.

Expert diving services for a flooded gas pit

The client was extremely happy with the result, and we look forward to supporting them in the future. At Kew Diving Services, we always aim to ensure that we deliver a commercial diving engineering service that saves you time and money in the long run and emphasises quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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Ali is a professional and experienced commercial diver operating across London and the South. You can contact him using our website contact form.

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