Complex Underwater Diving Project for Wastewater Tank

Complex Underwater Diving Project for Wastewater Tank

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Cleaning wastewater from a tank

We recently received a referral for a complex commercial diving project that required specialised dive kit and equipment. Kew Diving Services Ltd. worked in collaboration with RS Divers Ltd. on this project at Wyke Farms in Somerset.

The job itself involved our expert divers having to clean wastewater from a tank that was utilised for cheese and butter production.

Check out the video from the project below which provides a great aerial view!


Complicated by bad underwater working conditions

Due to the location of the tank, the only way to enter and clean the chamber was via a crane. This was further complicated by the working conditions, which saw our skilled team of commercial divers operating with zero visibility and in water temperatures of 36°c!

Another successful diving project!

We are pleased to say that our commercial divers successfully cleaned and cleared all the pipework at the bottom of the tank that air-rates the liquid and ensures that the enzymes are adequately broken down. On top of that they were able to blank off some pipework to create a watertight seal.

A complicated commercial diving job that was well done and a great joint effort!

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Video credit: Ikaros Drone Services. +44 7506 701230

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Ali is a professional and experienced commercial diver operating across London and the South. You can contact him using our website contact form.

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