Commercial Diving Services in the Thames Estuary and Kent

Kew Diving Services provide a vast range of inshore and inland specialist commercial diving and engineering services, in and around the River Thames and Kent.
Commercial Diving Services in the Thames Estuary and Kent

Kew operates along the River Thames and throughout the Kent countryside

We are an established commercial diving company based in UK and have specialist knowledge spanning sectors such as diving and subsea, salvage and recovery, port and harbours and marine civil engineering.

Situated in London, our experienced, skilled divers are perfectly placed to undertake most maritime civil engineering projects, including scouring and ship inspections to underwater dredging and demolition along the River Thames and towards the North Sea.

So, if you are based along the Thames Estuary or deep in the Kent countryside and require the expertise of a highly qualified commercial diving team, then contact us at Kew Diving today.

Our Commercial Diving Services:

We offer a number of bespoke diving services, tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

Offering diving and marine solutions across london, folkestone & dover

The Ports of London, Folkestone and Dover are all major shipping routes, that allow large vessels to effortlessly move in and out of our cities and across the English Channel, whilst the pretty coastal resorts of Kent are surrounded by water and wetland. From the stunning shingle beaches that lead into the North Sea to the infamous rivers such as the Stour, Darent and Medway that meander through the idyllic countryside, this region is a water baby’s delight. But these waterways require sustained maintenance and preservation whilst the boats, ships and yachts that sail on them need constant cleaning and repairs. This is where Kew Diving Services can help.

Our extensive experience spans civil engineering projects such as underwater surveys, clearance, cleaning, welding and concrete repairs as well as diver assisted dredging, submerged construction, demolition and much, much more!

Our dive teams are supplied with reliable, modern equipment and mobile vans to transport dive systems to any site across the Thames Estuary and Kent and are able to work in difficult visibility conditions. This is often the case when accessing the River Thames, as this busy waterway is incredibly murky, due to the silt on the riverbed.

24 hour Emergency commercial diving services

At Kew Diving Services, we promise to be there when you need us the most, to offer peace of mind that your underwater worries will be solved in a hurry. Based in the heart of London, we are perfectly located to provide an emergency commercial diving service to those situated in and around the River Thames and Kent.

Thanks to our 24-hour emergency call out service, you can rest assured knowing that we can disperse a team of divers almost immediately, to get you back up and running again in no time at all.

So, if you need expert advice or fast diving assistance, then give Kew Diving Services a call.

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