Chatham Marina Lock Gate Shut Down 

chatham marina lock gate shut down log installation kew diving services

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Challenge & Results

Chatham Marina is situated on the River Medway in Kent. Being such a busy marina it is important that any essential maintenance works are carried out quickly and efficiently.  

At Kew Diving, it was our job to install Stop Logs, so that the local gates and the lock itself could be assessed and repaired if necessary. This required our dive team to clear a small channel in which we could then lower and guide a series of metal shutters (Stop Logs) into place, to prevent water from leaking and getting into the lock gates.

Chatham Marina Lock Gate Shut Down Kew diving services log installion

Having successfully installed the Stop Logs, it was then safe for a workforce to drain the water from the lock, allowing work on the lock to commence in the dry. 

Once the work was completed, it was our responsibility to remove the Stop Logs. This essential maintenance is repeated in the winter months annually. 

For this type of commercial diving project, the health & safety of our divers is of utmost importance. Working near to differential pressure zones (where water levels differ), is a particularly dangerous hazard, so bulletproof tag out procedures are essential. 

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